October Event Roundup

OCTOBER was an amazing month for events here at Coworkle.

We had a number of informative workshops and our monthly mixer for the Leading Ladies of Leadership.

Check out what went on this past month!


MAGIK ROOTS Networking, Product Info and Q&A Session

Guest Speaker David Isenberg - Owner/CEO of Magik Roots, Event Coordinator/Facilitator Lori Lofaro - Owner of Lori’s Herbal Remedies

1) David’s bio and how he started Magik Roots
2) Difference between CBD and Hemp (debunk the myth)
3) History of Hemp plant and medical benefits (origin and brief history)
4) Brief Overview on Why he infuses oil from the whole plant including the roots vs just part of plant
5) Testimonials from his clients
6) Introduction for Lori’s Herbal Remedies as a Distributor for Magik Roots and how to contact her for orders.
7) 15-20 minutes Q and A
8) Networking opportunity.
a) Opportunity to order products and give out samples.
b) Raffle drawings for door prizes
c) Snacks and drinks were provided


No One WANTS to Buy Insurance! Why and What You NEED.

Guest Speaker Licensed insurance specialist Yolande Hill

Yolande gave this informative workshop and filled in the gaps about the insurance you NEED and where you can cut back or save money!


Wellness and Wealth Information and Networking

Guest Speaker TONETTE BLUM, Director of Sales for PM International US Western Region

Knowledge is Power!


Leading Ladies of Leadership Monthly Wine Socials and Networking

10/23 FEATURED SPEAKER Sunshine Frost of Soul Palette Meditative Art Studio

Girls run the world! Leading Ladies is for ladies in leadership roles either in their own businesses or in their careers. Monthly coffee and wine mixers in Lake Elsinore, CA feature one or two Leading Ladies speaking to the group and taking questions, everyone networking and supporting one another in their leadership positions.

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Networking Benefits at Coworkle

One of the huge benefits of utilizing a coworking space like Coworkle is networking. As an entrepreneur, freelancer or small business owner, networking is the lifeblood of business and a major key in helping you grow exponentially. Your network is usually limited to family, friends, and people in the same industry. While this is helpful in the short term, to really boost your business to the next level you need to widen your connections to people you don’t regularly interact with. So, what can you do to grow your network and meet other entrepreneurs?

Coworking is a great tool to cultivate business relationships. According to research done by the Harvard Business Review, 79% of people who use coworking spaces said coworking has expanded their social networks. At Coworkle, collaboration and networking are a natural result of having a variety of business professionals working in close proximity. We have a comfortable lounge and kitchen area where you can eat, recharge and get to know your coworkers. Although you may be focused on individual projects while you’re working, time spent in the lounge or the other common areas fosters interaction with different skillsets or perspectives. Other viewpoints can lead you to ideas that you may not have necessarily thought of yourself.

Think about a time you needed help with something, but you didn’t know who to call. Working alone, you miss out on meeting new faces with different strengths and skills. Studies show that the global number of coworking members is expected to grow to 3.8 million by 2020 and 5.1 million by 2022; imagine the networking potential! At Coworkle you’ll come across people who are experts in areas you have little knowledge of, and vice versa. Whether you’re learning from them or it’s a mutual exchange of knowledge, it’s a great resource to have at your disposal. Even if you aren’t someone who feels comfortable promoting yourself or your business to other people, coworking can help you become a familiar face on the local startup scene; other entrepreneurs will get to know your name and quality of work and will be able to call on your expertise when they need it. You’ll also know exactly who to talk to for specific issues you need help with.

Having a broader network is the smartest thing you can do. Imagine there is a layoff at your current firm, and you are facing a career change. If your coworkers are the only people you know and communicate with, who will you turn to for assistance outside of this company or industry?

– Dan Benson, HR manager at AussieWritings.com

This can also be true for entrepreneurs and freelancers, since if a project doesn’t work out, it’s always a good idea to have other options and opportunities. If you don’t open yourself up to diverse points of view, perspectives and industries, you won’t be able to bring something new to your everyday thinking.

Doing business at Coworkle helps you to get and stay motivated. Office Insight reports that 86% of coworking users have benefited from coworking spaces over the last five to 10 years. 71% of these workers agree that their workspaces had a positive effect on the ways they engage in their work, resulting in much higher productivity levels. Having other committed, hard working professionals around you will push you to stay focused and get things done and making connections with them then leads to greater business opportunities in the future. It’s a win-win! Coworkle also hosts frequent events such as seminars, as an initiative to get to know others and to promote different businesses and services, providing an avenue for community-building, business expansion, and networking. Now imagine getting all these benefits for free. Taking advantage of our free trial will give you the tools to expand your business at no risk.

Want to get started but not sure how? Here are some tips to start growing your network with Coworkle:

  • Introduce yourself to your coworkers. If you don’t know how to break the ice, you can ask your community manager to facilitate introductions. Eat lunch in the communal area so you can meet your neighbors.
  • Try to attend events, luncheons, and other activities at Coworkle often. In order to really get the most out of coworking, attending these communal events is recommended. You can even host events to create an awareness of your business and meet people who are interested in your services.
  • Be aware of what’s going on around you and keep track of the new members being added to your coworking space. You can talk to your community manager or other coworkers to find out what’s new.
  • Add the connections you meet at Coworkle online, whether it’s through LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook or introducing yourself via email. You’ll stay updated with their activities and they’ll be updated on yours. It can be an easy way to initiate a conversation.
  • Circulate your promotional gear to your coworkers. A pen, coffee mug or notepad with your branding on it can help people remember you and your services.
  • Be open to sharing your information and knowledge as well as receiving it from others. This is a great way to foster relationships.

Coworkle is a perfect place to let your business network flourish, leading to new opportunities and growth. Want to set up a time to tour our beautiful coworking facilities or a free trial? Don’t hesitate to call or reach out via email or on social media.